A Clear Conscious
[...is the sure sign of a bad memory.]
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 agenttakahashi asked:




"You realize that’s not my name?"


"Nice to meet you too, Mercedes." Should he have used her last name too? "Deduce? What’s that…?" Sounds dangerous, but he couldn’t quite be sure of what that hing was.

'What's that?’ She liked it when people asked that. There were two ways she could explain, three if he didn’t mind having his privacy invaded. “Deductive reasoning?” That was the first ‘explaination’, may as well throw in the second one too. “As in Sherlock Holmes…”

 Anonymous asked:
Do you like him?

The corner of her lips curled upwards.


She found the connotations of the word intriguing. The way you can like someone as a friend or you can like someone, being attracted to them. The latter made Mercedes think of when children would gossip about who they like and who the like-like, which wasn’t something she was personally familiar of, nor was it something she had the desire to start thinking about at the moment. She done her best to abstain from analysing her own feelings - it would be distracting, and there were much better things to do than dwell into that. She preferred to just go with the flow, and reserve the emotions for her performances.

 redroomdropout asked:
Hail hydra

It made sense. Having spent most of her life detained by the Red Room, as well as her blatant mistrust of SHIELD, it would make sense that she was working for HYDRA. But Faina was clever, and she had morals that Mercedes could not equate with those of HYDRA. Or so she assumed.

"I thought you had better standards, Faina."


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[text] The last massage wasn’t for you.

[text] Oh. 

[text] Deleted. Didn’t even happen. 

 Anonymous asked:
Hail Hydra ~ biotechagent

"No," the word came out as a whisper.

She was in denial - not something she felt many times in her life. Being in denial made her unfocused, unsure of what to do, and this was not a moment to those things. 

So what now? She definitely couldn’t just let him go on.


 thisisagentnero asked:
Hail Hydra.



She didn’t want to believe that he was a part of HYDRA, but there he was, saying that ridiculous hail. Whatever. Anything before this point - irrelevant. He was now an enemy, and he would need to be stopped. Unfortunately for her, it was likely that he knew enough about her for HYDRA to eliminate her before she could do any damage. Unfortunately for him, she knew more.

"You made a wise choice, becoming acquaintances with me."

 kneel-to-your--king asked:
Hail hydra? :p also hi

Loki. Working for HYDRA; working for the organisation that was against SHIELD, the corporation that Thor had occasionally associated himself with - that didn’t surprise her. What did surprise Mercedes was that Loki, this powerful god of mischief, would put himself among these lowlifes which she assumed would only be meager in his eyes.

Hail HYDRA said the god.”

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You know why a lot of great men and women have alzheimer’s? Because God is merciful. If you remember who you used to be and look around and can’t do anything for yourself, that would be torture.

Josephus McGee, Sr.

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